The Edmonton Research Park: An incubator for growth stage companies

The Edmonton Research Park (ERP) is home to more than 1,500 members at 55+ companies working in diverse fields, from biotechnology to energy. Startups and growing companies can access a variety of workspaces; on-site programs, access to soft-landing programs; personalized referrals to support and funding agencies; and facilitated access and collaboration with local, national and international communities of accelerators, science parks and incubators.

Edmonton Research Park offers a range of services to research-driven companies:

  • We operate two buildings in the park designed to nurture research initiatives: the Advanced Technology Centre,  and the Biotechnology Business Development Centre.
  • We make land available for qualified companies planning to build research facilities within four areas of focus: biotechnology, nanotechnology, clean energy and oil and gas support.
“Advanced Technology Centre has been vital in the development and growth for local technology start-up firms such as Clinisys. Beside providing the incubation space, ATC has been at the forefront in offering a vibrant world-class ecosystem for tech startups. The Centre regularly hosts information events and invites subject specific SMEs to support budding tech firms.”
— Mehadi Sayed, Clinisys
Being a “startup” it often feels like it is you against the world and the only people that want to help you also want something in return. The ATC is amazing because the team genuinely cares about you and your startup, and is actively looking to help in any way they can. You can’t ask to be surrounded by better people than that.”
— Mark Madsen, Agile Animal Inc.