Edmonton’s bid for the 2019 IASP World Conference

The Edmonton Research Park hopes to host the 36th World Conference of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) in Edmonton, Canada, in 2019.

Edmonton is a city where big thinkers yield big profits, innovators create global economic impact, and entrepreneurs invent their own success. It sits at the heart of a network of government, academic and industry partnerships. Strategically located as the major urban service centre for Alberta’s oil sands and resource industry, Edmonton has experienced sustained growth for the past decade with respect to its population, economic output, and ability to attract a regional customer base. Edmonton, as the proposed host of the 2019 IASP World Conference, presents a city that is, at the same time, an economic powerhouse, a hub for innovation, and a vibrant, prosperous and modern city.

Why Edmonton?

Why is Edmonton different?

There are theories. Maybe it’s our northern home, where for years we’ve learned to make our own fun. Perhaps it’s our legacy of entrepreneurs dreaming up oddities: the continent’s first, biggest and wildest Fringe theatre festival and a shopping mall that at one time had more submarines than the Canadian Navy. Edmontonians have always been unusually keen to try, and build, something new.

We’re a big city with small town values; a vibrant urban centre in the heart of wilderness. From close encounters with free-roaming bison to surfing indoors to taking your taste buds on a journey to some of the hottest craft beer taprooms, hyper-local bistros and indie bakeries in Canada, you’ll find there’s a uniqueness to how Edmontonians do ordinary things. And we want you to be a part of it.

One thing’s for sure – if you’re looking for an unforgettable, original experience, you’ll find it here. Peruse our list of activities and poke around ExploreEdmonton.com for all the proof you need.

Our innovation ecosystem

The Edmonton Research Park is a member of the IASP, and is one of the innovation organizations in Edmonton working together to bid for the 2019 IASP World Conference.

The Edmonton Research Park is a campus for companies with new ideas. The ERP administers two facilities on a 243-acre campus, with 55+ companies of all sizes and diverse sectors including IT and software development, biotechnology, oil and gas, light manufacturing, nanotechnology and medical device development. It offers a variety of facilities and services that accommodate multiple stages of company growth, from startups to scale-ups to the research and development activities of established organizations. The Advanced Technology Center focuses on business incubation programming as part of the innovation and entrepreneurship growth initiatives.

The research park is a division of the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC), a wholly-owned entity of the City of Edmonton, responsible for providing leadership to Edmonton’s economic growth strategy.

Innovation plays an important role at EEDC, and two of its other entrepreneurship organizations are involved in the IASP bid:

  • Startup Edmonton is the heart of Edmonton’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and supports entrepreneurs, across industries, as they build tech-enabled products and companies. With a variety of programs supporting students to early-stage founders through to scaling companies, Startup Edmonton is home to the city’s thriving startup community with more than 250 community lead meetups annually, a full-suite of accelerator programs and mentorship, and a warehouse-style co-working space. 

  • TEC Edmonton , a joint venture between the University of Alberta and Economic Development Corporation, accelerates the growth of emerging technology-based companies. Through people, networks, and facilities, TEC Edmonton develops the Edmonton region’s innovation worldwide by commercializing technology from private, university and public sources; help build successful innovation-based companies; foster and promote new enterprise development.

IASP World Conference

The International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) is a member-based association with 391 members across 74 different countries. The voting to host the 2019 IASP World Conference is taking place at this year’s World Conference in Istanbul on September 26-29.

Edmonton hopes to host the IASP World Conference at the Shaw Conference Centre in the fall of 2019.


More information on the proposal for the 2019 conference will be coming soon.