ABSA - Pressure Equipment Inspector

ABSA, the pressure equipment safety authority is looking for the right career-minded person to become a Pressure Equipment Safety Codes Officer in the province of Alberta. We have one opening available in Edmonton. ABSA is designated by the Province of Alberta to ensure that pressure equipment is constructed and operated in a safe manner. Safety Codes Officers are responsible for verifying and enhancing the safety of pressure equipment. Safety Codes Officers apply the following processes to verify and enhance pressure equipment safety:

  • Verify workers hold certificates of competency as power engineers, pressure welders, pressure welder examiners, or pressure equipment inspectors
  • Verify owner’s have processes in place to ensure competent operation of pressure equipment
  • Conducting certificate of competency examinations for power engineers, operators and welders
  • Conducting audits of quality management systems for companies that apply for certification to construct, repair or alter pressure equipment; repair safety valves, test pressure welders, provide inspection services, or for pressure equipment integrity management by an owner/user
  • Conducting audits to verify owners of operating equipment have basic integrity management systems in place
  • Performing the duties of authorized inspector for new construction of pressure equipment
  • Performing initial installation inspections
  • Performing periodic inspections of in-service pressure equipment
  • Monitoring inspection activities of owner/users and inspection companies
  • Authorizing pressure equipment repairs and alterations
  • Conducting accident investigations