Resident Company Press Release: Stream Technologies Inc.

Resident Company update: 

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Edmonton, AB. October 1, 2015

Stream Acquires SynergyDesk

Stream Technologies Inc. announced today, it has acquired SynergyDesk Software Inc. of Edmonton Alberta.

Stream, the inventors of a new spectral camera lens, look to leverage their technology with a complimentary software service that together, allows users to take pictures and see chemicals in the image, all in real time.

SynergyDesk is a comprehensive set of operational modules designed for the oil industry with core functionality for downhole tool operators. The complex functionality, ease of use and flawless operation in multiple companies speaks volumes about the creator and architect, Jeff De Roche.

As Stream brings it’s ColorFlow Lens (hardware) together with a world class software solution that leverages advanced data exchange technologies with cloud platforms, it will to change the way cameras will be used. As Streams President Dr. Milne explained, “We can marry the simplicity of point-andshoot cameras to the processing power of spectral algorithms. Users will be able to select from a list of target algorithms and display results with target chemicals overlaid as false coloured images in the scene.”

With this acquisition, Stream gets a world-class software development team with proven experience. They come with added depth of knowledge in the oil industry. The hardware and software combination will bring short term value to both the precision agriculture and oil industry. Stream’s operational depth will ensure that existing SynergyDesk customers are well looked after.

Mr. De Roche will lead the software team as Vice President of Software Development.

Stream Technologies is a private company headquartered in Edmonton Alberta.

Contact Information:

  • Stream Technologies Inc. / John Murphy
  • 780 665 1599