MOU forges new partnership for Intellimedia and Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions


Memorandum of Understanding


May 24, 2016

Memorandum of Understanding forges a new partnership for Intellimedia and Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions

Intellimedia and Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions are pleased to announce a new partnership arrangement, forged by a recently signed Memorandum of Understanding.  The newly formed partnership will focus on the potential integration between Intellimedia’s Dossier software with the Collaborative Response Model System (CRMS), developed by Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions.  Working with mutual educational partners in Peace Wapiti Public School District, this collaborative endeavour is intended to be a pilot project to inform the future development of integrated software solutions.

Dossier is a powerful education management system with robust data analytic capabilities.  Integration with the SIS enables Dossier to combine data from various sources to produce student learner profiles that provide a comprehensive view to performance across multiple levels including individual, grade, school as well as district.  The visibility to achievement combined with other key data including attendance helps shape strategies to better meet individual needs. Dossier Inclusive Education improves management and tracking of Individual Program/Education Plans for Special Needs Students resulting in significant time savings and effective collaboration of resources.  

The Collaborative Response Model System (CRMS) provides an online digital solution for schools and districts that is aligned with the philosophical principles of the Collaborative Response Model, developed and shared by the educators at Jigsaw Learning.  In the CRMS, collaborative processes are utilized to coordinate supports for students, develop evolving student profiles, and manage collective workflow for school and district staff teams.

“In our quest to deliver solutions that maximize value for our clients, we are excited to partner with Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions,” said Ahmad Jawad, President and CEO of Intellimedia Inc.  “We look forward to leveraging the thought-leadership of JCS to enhance Dossier functionality to optimize the support of Collaborative Response Strategies.”

“Partnering with Intellimedia provides an excellent opportunity to merge programming and educational expertise to develop digital solutions that can support the great work happening in schools and districts to support students,” said Kurtis Hewson, Chief Executive Officer for Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions. “Ensuring educators have access to software that maximizes the power of the collaborative team aligns with our foundational values as educators committed to supporting the needs of all students.”

Heather Putio, Assistant Superintendent of Inclusive Services, remarked, “The potential for fluid management of the professional collaboration that we are dedicated to is very exciting for PWSD.  This partnership offers our staff a system that is customized to reflect and support the constructive, individualized professional conversations we commit to on a regular, scheduled basis.  This online digital system respects and reflects the organizational needs of our staff and reinforces an action-oriented focus within our Collaborative Response Model.   Congratulations Intellimedia and Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions!  PWSD looks forward to working together. “


This initial endeavour to create a Dossier-based module that reflects the core functionality of the CRMS for Peace Wapiti Public School Division is intended to serve as a first step for further potential partnership arrangements between Intellimedia and Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions moving forward.

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